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SEMA Special - 18x6 Handpainted Aluminum Panel

SEMA Special - 18x6 Handpainted Aluminum Panel

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This is a LIMITED TIME OFFER that is only available to the first 30 people that purchase a custom 18"x6" painting during this special show promotion.

The $350 is a show special promotion where you are purchasing a custom painting of the vehicle of your choice hand painted on a 18"x6" aluminum panel using automotive urethanes. These types of paintings typically cost $650 when commissioned individually, but for the first 30 people to take advantage of this limited time SEMA Show Special purchased custom paintings will be $350.

To take advantage, upload your photos add the item to the cart and complete the purchase. The photos will be used to draw and create the painting. There will not be any proofs I will use my artistic abilities to create a stunning painting of the vehicle using the photos received, done in a similar fashion and style to the paintings shown. Your custom painting will be completed and numbered in the order that it was received.
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